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MTP Indy - IT Staffing

Global technology driving results.

MTP is a global technology company, specializing in staffing, consulting, web development, internet marketing and application development. We specialize in delivering cost-effective, technology-based business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and government agencies.
Our values are Midwestern but our strategy crosses borders. Our focus is your goals. Our attitude is how soon can we start…

MTP Indy Staffing

Staffing the right professional in the right positions.

Our team has over 30 years of IT staffing & placement experience. MTP is responsible for placing over 500 IT professionals in Fortune 1000 organizations all around the world.

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Consulting expertise combined with excellence.

Organizations can no longer afford to look at technology expenditures as simply a cost of doing business. Plus the efficiencies gained by working with a single-solution, cost-effective IT partner for all your IT solutions is even more critical today. Couple that with the challenge of keeping current with the ever-evolving technology world and professionals find themselves in a difficult situation.

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MTP Indy Web Development & Marketing

Web Development & Internet Marketing Driving Real Results

How do you fully utilize and harness the power and opportunity of the internet? From your web site to e-commerce to internet marketing, MTP can help you build a strong brand with prominence in the online marketplace that will drive traffic and convert leads into closed deals.

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Application development that streamlines & saves

MTP specializes in developing cost-effective application development for companies worldwide by delivering access to experts worldwide. We utilize certified, local and offshore engineering and quality assurance professionals as well as a sophisticated, established technology infrastructure.

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